Welcome to the home of HBLink: HomeBrew repeater protocol networking tools


HBlink provides a suite of programs for building and extending existing networks that use the Home-brew Repeater Protocol and OpenBridge protocols. These protocols are most commonly associated with MMDVM and the Brandmeister and DMR+ networks.

The hblink3 repository is where current development is taking place, and is the Python 3 version of this project.

HBlink is not a “plug and play” program to build DMR networks. It is a collection of programs built on top of a common protocol stack contained in hblink.py.

These are Python 3 applications. To use them, you will need some pre-requisite knowledge of how Python applications and modules work together, and you’ll need basic skills using a command line interface in unix-like operating systems.

Available Tools

The project currently manages five tools between two Python versions:

  • hblink3 – Current development of HBLink under Python 3
  • dmr_utils3 – Current development of DMR utilities, also using Python 3
  • HBLink – Mostly archived repo, containing essential branch HB_Bridge for legacy homebrew repeater connections, built on Python 2.x
  • DMRlink – Mostly archive repo, containing the essential branch IPSC_Bridge for legacy IPSC (Motorola) repeater connections, built on Python 2.x
  • dmr_utils – Former DMR utilities repo, built using Python 2.x

More tools or variations will be available as new development continues.


If you are interested in being part of the community that is supporting and developing this software, you can join us on the Groups.io forum, a subforum of the DVSwitch set of tools for cross-mode communication for amateur radio.

More information will be available here in the future. If you need more information or to contact a human that is connected with the project, you can reach Randy Hall at aa6rh at socorad dot io